One person can make a difference!


Chances are, if you clicked on this page, you:

     a) like the Homestead Museum
     b) want to contribute to a good cause
     c) appreciate museums and/or history
     d) can say "yes" to all of the above!


Enthusiastic people with a love of history help fuel our institution. Word of mouth and online chatter about our programs bring visitors of all ages to our site almost every day!


If you don't have time to volunteer or attend all the programs you'd like, you can become an advocate for us, and for the power of history.

     • Join our email list and share emails with people you think might be
        interested in what we do at the Homestead.
     • Come by and pick up flyers for upcoming programs so that you can invite
        your friends, family, and neighbors to take advantage of our programs (many of which are free!).
        You can also find links to our event flyers on our Calendar page.
     • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts.
     • Help spread the word that museums are fun and contribute to people's quality of life. And while you're at it,
        visit other local museums and historical societies, too.


Don't be shy! Please let us know how you choose to become an advocate for history. We'd like to thank you for your actions and support!