Children's Tours

Based on availability, we are pleased to offer special tours for children ages 2 through 12. Advance reservations are required and can be made by calling (626) 968-8492. Each program lasts approximately one hour.


Home, Sweet Home

Ages 2-7
This program introduces children to the history of the site using the concept of home and family. Children will focus on the Temple family and how they used the decorations in their home to remind them of their family roots or of things that had special meaning to them. The program includes a brief visit to the museum's historic houses, story time (The Three Little Pigs), and a craft.


All About Cowboys

Ages 2-10
Most kids know what a cowboy is, but many may not realize that cowboys (vaqueros) were real people and also worked here at the Homestead. This program discusses why cowboys were in this area, what skills a cowboy would need to do his job, and what life was like in California during the 1840s. Program components include a story (Lasso Lou & Cowboy McCoy), craft, a tour of the Workman House, and (time permitting) practice of roping skills.


Ain’t We Got Fun?

Ages 2-12
This program introduces children to the history of the 1840s, 1870s, and 1920s by focusing on what children would have done for fun during these decades. The program includes a visit to the museum’s historic houses with a focus on popular forms of entertainment, an 1870s game, and a craft.


One (Adobe) Brick at a Time

Ages 7-12
This program introduces children to the history of the site through architecture. Participants will tour the museum’s historic houses, listen to a story (The House in the Mail), and design a house of their own as a craft activity.


Looking for curriculum to support your visit? Take a look at materials we have focusing on the decades of the: 

• 1840s

• 1870s

• 1920s