Program Materials

A Journey Through Time materials in PDF

Program Description

A Journey Through Time is a comprehensive, interactive program designed to complement 4th-grade standards while encouraging students to investigate the history of the Los Angeles region during the 1840s, 1870s, and 1920s. The program strives to develop students’ awareness, understanding, and appreciation of social and cultural change; enhance their observation, critical thinking, and communication skills; and stimulate an interest in museums and history.


Program Materials and Resources as PDF Files

For your convenience, most of the A Journey Through Time program materials and resources are available as PDF files (see below), which can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader


Teacher Information

•  Links to California State Content Standards (Including Common Core)
•  How to Make Your “Journey” a Success
•  The Homestead Museum

Comprehensive Activities

•  My Family Tree: students create their own family tree to learn about family history.
•  My Journey Through Time Vocabulary (English): students define vocabulary words used to describe life in the 1840s, 1970s, and 1920s.
•  Crossword Puzzle: students use vocabulary to complete a crossword puzzle.
•  Plotting Populations: chart the rise in California's population from 1840-1920.
•  Decade Match-Up: match words to images to create a visual timeline.
•  Spanish language versions of the above activities.


1840s Activities

•  The 1840s: a "newspaper" introduces the decade of the 1840s, describing how people lived, worked, and traveled in Southern California.
•  An 1840s Rodeo: students learn about cattle branding and rodeos.
•  Building an 1840s Adobe House: students solve math problems as they build an adobe.
•  Oh, California!: relive the experiences of a gold miner through a folksong.
•  Spanish language versions of the above activities.


1870s Activities

•  The 1870s: a "newspaper" introduction to the 1870s.
•  1870s Population Census: students analyze census data and make inferences about life in 1870s California.
•  The Great Train Ride: students learn to read a train timetable.
•  Apples or Oranges?: students learn about climate, crops and farming.
•  Spanish language versions of the above activities.


1920s Activities

•  The 1920s: students can "read all about" the 1920s in this newspaper introduction.
•  Taking a Ride on the Big Red Cars: students practice their map reading skills by determining the distance of the Red Car lines.
•  How to Dance the Charleston: students learn the most famous dance of the Jazz Age.
•  Spanish language versions of the above activities.


Additional Handouts

•  A Kid's Guide to El Campo Santo: can be used by classes that choose to take a self-guided tour of the cemetery before or after their Journey Through Time.